Hours spent in front of the TV are essentially a waste of life for me.  But once in a while, something happens and my brain actually works for a few seconds.  On this particular occasion I was on the couch, TV blaring some insignificant noise at me, browsing on my laptop for my daily information overload.

I remembered that I wanted to check if TED has an rss feed.  Sure they do, so I subscribed using my rss reader.   Of course, this gave me 200+ updates, and while browsing through them, I noticed that they contained direct links to mp4 files.  Hey!  Wait a minute!  iTunes should be able to make sense of this feed!  So I tried it, and what do you know – I’m now subscribed to the TED’s videos.

So here’s the quick&dirty.  Navigate to http://www.ted.com.  Scroll down to the rss feed link.  Right-click on it and copy the URL.  Now open iTunes, click on “Advanced” –> “Subscribe to podcast” and paste the URL into the box.  And that’s it!  Sit back and let the videos come to you!   As a bonus, the videos are the right format for the iPhone.  My daily commute just improved a whole lot!

Update (2009/05/05): Of course, the next morning, with a fresh mind, I realised that the TED talks were available as a podcast on the iTunes store.